Beating 3rd Degree Burns

I suddenly found myself alight from the waist up------the flames roaring about my head.

PANIC!  This CANNOT be happening to ME!

I started to run, but that made the flames roar louder, I was on steeply sloping ground covered with long grass, so I started to roll in the grass until I found myself under the nearby house, and the flames were licking at the floor boards, and I had to get out. I remember thinking that I wouldn't want to burn the house down as well.

Crawling up the hill, still burning, somebody had got the garden hose and watered me down, and kept the hose running on me, one of the main elements of Burns First Aid, and in my case, not only putting the putting the fire out, but the prolonged running of cool water prevented a lot of the burns penetrating deeper and causing 3rd Degree Burns.

Bloody hell! It felt good

By this time a fair crowd had gathered, but I wasn't really aware of anything excepting the long treacly skeins of melted skin sliding off my hand and arm.

The amazing thing that dawned on me THEN was, there was absolutely NO PAIN!

But by the time our family doctor got there the pain had become horrendous, and a shot of some sort of painkiller was a godsend.

An ambulance picked me up and took me to the local hospital where they inspected me and put a figure of 60% on my burns, with a high percentage of 3rd Degree Burns and some 2nd Degree Burns.
They then decided that I would have to go the Royal Brisbane Hospital immediately.

All this time I believed that, if I for one second, closed my eyes and gave in to the almost overpowering urge to flake out, I would never wake up. And being a fairly stubborn sort of bloke I fought that feeling, tooth and nail.

So we took off for Brisbane, about 200K away, with a friend of mine driving the ambulance, and a nursing sister looking after me.

To keep awake I chatted to the nurse, watched a tail-gater following us for a really quick trip, and had a go at making my heartbeat vary according to the monitor. It must have worked because a couple of times the nurse got a bit concerned!

The V8 ambulance was running short of fuel and had to pull in to a service station in Brisbane.
This was not good!--The smell of petrol and the sound of it gurgling into the tank right under me was just about too much for me. That should give you a clue as to what sort of burn it was.

Well, we got to the RBH Burns Ward, in those days it was Ward 2C, and this young, clean cut bloke introduced himself saying, Hi, I'm Paul, so I said (still keeping up the brave front) G'day Paul, I'm Peter, do you know where Mary is?, and a little voice piped up from the foot of my bed and said I'm right here”.

Paul then assessed my burns at 50% 3rd Degree Burns and 10% Partial Thickness Burns

So that was my intro to Ward 2C, which was to be my home for the next 3 months.

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