Music Hath Charms...

Music hath charms...

So, you're a 3rd degree burns survivor, you're a month or so into your 12 month convalescence period after your accident, and you're starting to feel as if you'd like to relieve the day to day boredom of the daily washing, clipping and medicating.

That's Good

There are so many options for you to consider, all depending on just what you feel like doing.

Would you like to learn to play a musical instrument?
If your fingers are OK you qualify for almost every instrument around.
If your lips are also OK, you could be into wind instuments.

You've got one thing that most people don't have! TIME!

This is a great opportunity to do something that you've always dreamed about doing, but have never had the time. Now you've got the time, don't waste it.

I taught myself to play the Clarinet
when I was recovering from my 3rd degree burns. It was great therapy for my reconstructed bottom lip.
I don't think that I was all that good because our Border Collie named 'Dog' used to howl and howl. But after a session of playing 'Memories', 'Misty' and a few Glen Miller melodies I felt totally relaxed.

It's so very true, the old saying that 'Music hath charms to sooth the savage breast'. It doesn't matter if you're not a maestro yet, you will get incredible pleasure and satisfaction from rendering your favorite pieces, and if you persist, who knows where next?

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