Blue Care Evolved From the Blue Nursing Service, Australia

Blue Care

Blue Care began as the Blue Nursing Service in 1953, through the efforts of Sister Olive Crombie , who wore a blue uniform and traveled by tram to attend patients .
Blue Nursing was integrated with the United Church in Australia , in 1977 , Queensland Synod .

The new name was adopted in 1999 in order to retain a link to the name of the original service, and to show the aims and direction of the organisation .

The best known support services offered are Community health and Aged care services. Many aged patients who would otherwise have to move into a Care Facility, now have the option to remain at home with a spouse or relative, and have regular visits for medical attention.

Other services include rehabilitation clinics for people who have been discharged from hospital after a severely debilitating illness, Respite Services, Pain Management, Palliative care and support, and many others.

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