Burn First Aid

burn first aid

When first confronted with a burns victim, the prime consideration, after removing him/her from the danger area, should be the immediate cooling of the burns(Never Use Cold Water), even before attempting to determine the Depth or Extent of the injury.

Superficial or 1st Degree Burns

Burn first aid involves cooling the outermost layer of the skin (Epidermis). this layer keeps all the body fluids in, and keeps bacteria outside the body from entering. In a superficial burn the epidermis has not been injured very badly,and is considered a minor burn unless sensitive areas such as the face, groin, buttocks, or the hands and feet are affected.

  • Firstly get the patient away from the source of heat.

  • Run cool water over the burn or place a cool compress over it this cools the burn, prevents swelling, and helps to relieve pain.

  • Apply soothing Burn Cream or Aloe Vera Gel to the site.

Partial Thickness or Second degree burns
Penetrates down into the dermis.. A layer of fluid collects between the epidermis and the dermis, which causes blistering. 2nd degree burns show swelling and are extremely painful.

  • Remove the patient from the source of the burn.

  • Run water over the burn or place moist towels over the burn to reduce the swelling and cool the burn. If the burn is larger than a handspan treat it as a major burn, especially if it's on the face, hands, feet, buttocks, groin or major joint. Large second degree burns should be treated like an emergency. Dial Emergency and get medical help immediately.

Full Thickness or 3rd Degree Burns
Usually painless because the nerve endings have been burned away and the difficulty is in knowing just how severe the burns might be. The burn will have penetrated right down to the fatty layer, and perhaps even deeper, to the muscle layers and even to the bone.The burn first aid should involve------

  • Get the patient away from the source of the burn

  • As soon as possible gently run cool water over the burns for at least 20 minutes

  • .Call the Emergency Number for your location

  • The victim should be lying down with feet elevated above the heart to prevent the symptoms of shock.

  • Cool moist towels should be placed over the burns.

  • DO NOT try to remove clothing that is stuck to a burned area.

  • When Emergency Services arrive keep out of the way.

Before you are faced with a Burns Accident, you really need to check out your First Aid Kit to make sure that any perishable items are still inside the Use-By Date

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