Silversmithing aided My Burn Recovery

The type of hobbies or craft projects that you can embark upon during your Burn Recovery period depends on the location of the burn, and the success of the subsequent treatment.

My first reaction to seeing the damage to my burnt left hand and arm was to get rid of the damn thing, it looked totally destroyed. BUT the surgery that followed was just magnificent, as was the subsequent Physiotherapy and Nursing.

Within a couple of months of being discharged after my 3 month spell in the Burns Ward, I was rearing to do something, anything, to relieve the boredom, even though I was still a bit shaky on my legs, and had to wear an elasticised pressure suit which included a glove on my left hand (although, thankfully, the fingertips were clear).

My convalescence period was going to be at least 12 months, and I could not imagine that I could sit around and do NOTHING for that long.

A great friend of mine ran Silversmithing Classes so I joined up for the course, invested just a few dollars in the basic tools (which I still have), and thoroughly enjoyed the next couple of months.
Even though I had no feeling in my fingertips I was able to handle the little jobs that the course required, and designed and made a couple of jewelry pieces.

Later on I was a vendor at the biggest craft market in Brisbane, 'The Riverside Markets', with an altogether different product, but I could see then that there was a market for Handmade Jewelry.

So, if you're in that situation of a long burn recovery period, or any type of convalescence, have a look at some manual craft project ideas that will keep you interested in life.

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