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Burns Survivors Forum, a great idea!

I was burnt 30 years ago,
and until last year I thought that I had handled my recuperation and rehabilitation very well.  Then I started researching the psychological effects of my Burns accident on myself and my family, with some surprising (to me) results.

This affected me greatly,
and explained a lot of things that I did, and didn't do, in the first few years after the Burns. Such things as virtually isolating myself from various clubs and organisations with which I had previously been very active.

So, I decided to do this web-site, telling the whole story, publicly.

The writing of the various pages has helped so much, that I have progressively felt as though an invisible weight had been lifted from me.

I'm now cutting down on anti-depressants (so far reduced by 1/3), and am feeling pretty good, so I'm thinking about  eliminating  them altogether, eventually.

The medical profession has known for some time that serious burns victims could have psychological problems, especially in the early days following a serious burn, and certain recommendations regarding treatment were made.

The trouble is that these recommendations have been only recently, but not fully, implemented, so it has been left up to us, the Burns Victims, to turn ourselves around and become Burns Survivors.

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