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When you contact us, please keep in mind that all the personal detail relating to my 3rd degree burns is factual, whereas any conclusions that I draw from those facts may or may not be correct.

If you see the need to correct me please do so, I'd appreciate it.

I would be Pleased to answer any Questions Relating to Burns

Contact us questions Any skin burn is painful, 'specially when it's a child, and the deeper the burns the more serious they are, also more questions arise in the minds of the patient and immediate family.

Having 'Been There, Done That'
with a very extensive full thickness burn, and made a full recovery, I reckon I can answer most questions thrown at me.

Questions such as,

  • How do you handle the pain?   As bad as Burns pain can be, you will find that it is the most easily forgotten sensation of all.

  • Will the scars go away? Some will, others will not. Detail would be required.

  • How can I hide the scars? Depends on where the scars are. Detail required.

  • Regaining Mobility. Detail of Burns would be required.

  • Personal Relationships. These can really suffer. I'd need the details.

  • Wearing a Pressure Garment. I wore a full one for 18 months, and know nearly all the answers.

  • Scar Contractures. I had 8 operations to relieve scar contractures, nearly all of them some time after my hospitalisation.

  • Handling Questions on your Appearance. Yeah, you'll get some, but they're usually not the inquisitive kind, but more the caring type.

No doubt you can probably think of a few more.

Please don't hesitate to ask.

Oh! Yes, and I'll only ever use your email address to respond to your specific comment or question

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