Craft Project Ideas While Convalescing

Craft Project Ideas To any recovering burn patients who might be reading these pages, I must urge you to consider looking at Craft Project Ideas on Google, and try to pick one, or two, or more, that you like, and can handle. You will never have a better chance to indulge yourself as NOW, when you are recovering from one of the worst injuries you can get.

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For Kids who need to be occupied

For Anyone who needs to be busy

I was looking for Craft Project Ideas
, or any Ideas  that would suit me for the anticipated 12 month convalescence period, as I recovered from my extensive 3rd degree burns,  remembering that I had always been a Manual Type.

Being a bit musically inclined I thought that a Sax might be right, but the price scared me off, so I got a Clarinet, learnt to play it, then had to stop when our Border Collie ”Dog” used to go off his brain. That was a pity because it was good therapy for my newly grafted bottom lip.

Still looking for something TO DO, a friend taught me Silversmithing, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and made several pieces, invluding a neat little Crescent Moon with a Citron Star Jewel stick-pin for my Mum.
The Silversmithing course kept me busy for a few months, and then I discovered Computers.

One thing that I really admire in this world is Precision, and at the time Computers seemed to be the Epitome of Precision, so I got a Commodore 64 (Now don't laugh! This was in 1983. Where were you then?) with an external hard drive, and set up pricelists for a plumbing supplier. I soon progressed to an IBM compatible with a Full 10 Mb hard Drive!

That's when I got serious about Restoring some 400 photos that my father had taken in the 1920's when travelling from the southern Flinders Ranges in South Australia to Darwin in the Northern Territory, photos of Aboriginals, Motor Vehicles, Airplanes, Camels, Places and People. I used to market re-prints of these on eBay. Now I market these on my own website, Early Australian Outback  (this will open in a new window)

Restoring old photos or manipulating new pix is a great craft project idea for anyone who may have a large collection of photos in that old suitcase in the spare room.

There were a couple of more visits to Dell, my Plastic Surgeon, to get my wrist, hand, face and arm burns scars sorted out over the next few years, and in the meantime I took on a job in Central Queensland, exactly 12 months after being discharged from the hospital, managing a large Builders Supply Company, and also started a Motor Bike shop, Hondas, Harleys, BMW' etc.

Well, the Central Queensland climate wasn't very kind to someone who had extensive split skin grafting over his body, so after a couple of years we moved to South East Queensland where I took up a job of managing an Irrigation Supply Company.

In my spare time I did a course in Lead Lighting, and just felt that it was made for me, so when one of my bosses would not take the Sack, I resigned and bought a glazing and security door business, where I could indulge myself in my newfound art. I had one of my sons with me to do all the work.

My left hand which had been 'De-Gloved' by my burns accident, and rebuilt with Skin Grafts, had healed beautifully, and gave me no touble at all with the glass cutting and soldering, and just as well because I'm a dedicated 'Left Hander'

Of all the craft project ideas that are out there Stained Glass is one of the most demanding technically, as so many skills are required. But if you are a good artisan it is also very rewarding. I eventually set up a Glass Studio specializing in Leadlight and Fused Glass panels.

When we retired we got a beautiful caravan, sold everything else, and became “Silver Nomads” or “Grey Haired Gypsies”. We gravitated to the bush and spent many hours prospecting with some success, moving from one old historical goldfield to the next, making dozens of friends along the way.

Well the knees got bad, the hip even worse, and the ground got harder to dig, so we started a new life as city dwellers, and now I spend 12 hours a day writing articles for the 'net, and I wish my knees and hip were as good as my old 3rd degree burns.

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