Home Health Care

Home Health Care

The Local Home Health Care Services, the Blue Nurses, now known as Blue Care, were faxed with my details, and after my 3 months in the Burns Ward, I was going Home.

What do you do when you come home after a 3 month spell in hospital and you can't walk very well, your rib cage is a mass of unhealed wounds, and you are infected with MRSA?

The answer is-- Not very much, at first!

After all, my discharge from the hospital came a few weeks earlier than expected due to the Burns Ward having to be closed down to eradicate the MRSA bug that had taken over, and I could barely walk.

My Son was re-modelling our bathroom to accommodate me and was nearly finished when I turned up. It wasn't too bad because he only had the shower enclosure to finish, and I was a long way from being able to shower myself.

Before my discharge, Aileen, my wife had a 30 minute course on treating my ribcage where the grafts had all fallen off, and she was told, “Don't worry, we've faxed the Blue Nurses about the situation, and they'll look after the daily treatments.”

OK, everything was going to be just right. BUT then the Local Home Health Care Services, the Blue Nurses said that they couldn't come near me in case they carried the MRSA to their other patients. This was very early in the days of the Blue Nurses, so I s'pose they could be excused, but all it would have taken was a 'phone call to the Burns Ward and they would have been sorted out.

Anyhow, Aileen became my Home Health Care service and had to do the bathing, snipping and removal of dead tissue, putting up with my tantrums, dressing the wound, and getting me back to bed.

After 3 weeks of this I had to report to the Infectious Diseases Ward of the hospital for further treatment to the ribcage. So I turn up at the appointed time, get shown to a room and told to strip and put on a pair of pyjamas that the nurses aid had thrown onto the bed from the doorway, no way was she going to get close to a patient with MRSA!

Eventually, the wound was inspected, swabs taken, and Lo and Behold, the MRSA had disappeared, not only that, but the wound itself had shrunk from the size of a dinner plate to a mere hand-span, all thanks to Aileen's care. SO they told me to go home. That was OK by me, but Aileen had to drive 200 K at 8.00pm to pick me up, then take me home.

Years later the Judge in our Damages Suit told Aileen that “Mrs Xxxxx, you were only doing your wifely duty!” That was over 30 years ago but she still goes slightly crazy when reminded about it.

Then there was a visit to my Plastic Surgeon, Dell, (one of many) to relieve the spiral contracture that was developing from my wrist to my arm-pit, where she put a neat, thick split skin graft on the line with about 40 stitches to hold it in place.

By this time I was quite mobile, and looking for something to do. Golf was out due to the big scar contractures going from my elbow up to my armpit then almost down to my waist which would have halved my swing. So I sold my lovely Left Handed set of Clubs.

By now the Local Home Health Care Services, the Blue Nurses, had got the message that MRSA is fairly easy to control in an home environment, (besides which, it had already been cleaned up) so they came in to remove the stitches under my armpit.

Then I started to look around for Something Interesting that I would be able to do.

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