Leadlighting Could Become Your Thing

leadlighting As a Craft Project idea, Lead-lighting can be a very rewarding hobby, and a worthwhile therapeutic activity while recuperating from a serious skin burns accident.
If your hands are damaged by the burns it might take a whle to get them working enough to take on something like this. When you are confident enough to have a go, there is a way that I used to build window panels and lampshades that is much easier than the usual  method.

The usual method uses Lead Came which holds the glass in place and which is then cemented using a special black putty, a fairly grimy job, and is still necessary for the larger window panels.
But using the copper foil method, cementing is not used. Each piece of glass in the design has a strip of copper foil wrapped around the edge and temporarily held in place by an adhesive backing on the foil. This method is also used to build lampshades, and in fact was the way that the very first window panels were built.

The design is then put together like a jig-saw puzzle and then tack soldered to hold it together. Then the whole design is Bead Soldered on the front of the panel and Flat Soldered on the back. Although for my more expensive Tiffany Style lampshades I would Bead Solder both sides.
To strengthen a Foiled Window panel I would use a copper reinforcing strip in key places across the design and slightly heavier Bead Soldering.

There are many places in most larger towns where lessons can be arranged. The glass cutting is the main worry of beginners, but with a bit of guidance you would be doing it really easily, I guarantee that I could teach you in 10 minutes.. You won't need a lot of gear to start with, but when you get to do Small Piece designs such as a Tiffany, you'd need a glass grinder.

So, during your burn recovery time Copper Foil Leadlighting could be your thing.

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