Like Father, Like Son

by Pete

Well, after having gone thru a serious burn myself, I didn't expect any of my kids, or close friends to suffer the same experience.

A silly expectation really, because often, in spite of precautions being taken, accidents can creep up on you, 'specially (as was in my son's case) you've got a few things on your mind, like your 4 year old son ill with a bad chest infection, your partner with a very bad back, you're a bit weary from taking on many of her jobs, and you're in a bit of a rush to finish this particular job.

He's a plumber, and was working on a gas hot water sytem, on the gas side of things, and after finishing the job he had to bleed the air out of the gas line before lighting it up again.

Well of course the gas accumulated around the area he was working in, and after giving a bit of time for that gas to dissipate (not enough as it turned out) he lit the Pilot flame up.

WHOOOOSH the fireball came straight at him, quick reflexes and the force of the explosion rocked him back on the ground. Remembering my often repeated warnings to douse any burn with cool water, he rushed to the nearby swimming pool and dunked his head in, no doubt stopping the burns from penetrating any deeper.

He spent that night in the Burns Ward with partial thickness burns to his face and one ear, but more worrying was the damage to his eyes.

His quick reflexes were just not quite quick enough to get his eyes fully closed, so his eyeballs were burnt on the bottom 1/3, and of course his eyelids suffered partial thickness burns, with the eye-lashes curling up in all directions.

Well, he came home yesterday, with a sore face, no beard (one good thing), and very sore eyes. Also a month off work, but knowing him, it'll be more likely a week, and as I expected, blaming himself for the accident.

We explained to him all in my second paragraph, which really would make him a good candidate for an accident in waiting, and I hope we got thru to him.

But I dunno.

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