Photo Restoration as a Hobby during Convalescence

Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration of old photos that you feel could interest other people, can be an absorbing hobby.
Dig them up from that old suitcase in the cellar and scan them into your computer and improve the quality of them. There are several free programs out there that will do this, Irfanview and Gimp are probably the easiest to use.

Scanning Prints are better because an ordinary scanner such as is on the average Multi Function Printer will do the job. Negatives need special gear.

Photo Editing programs can improve the quality of ANY photo that you would want to process, and if you haven't done it before, it would only need a bit of practice to produce a nice clear photo.

Decide on a format, either Postcard, (6 by 4 inch or 102 by 154 mm) or as I sell on eBay, Letter Card, A5 size which is then folded in half. The Letter pages are on the inside, and the Photo and the Story are on the outside. If you can write a nice story about the subject it makes it much more saleable.

Ebay do not allow you to sell these as Email Data downloads, so you would need a good printer to produce a quality product. I get AU$5.00 plus postage for my Letter Cards, but if I could just Email the Data, I'd be happy with 99 cents.

BUT there are other selling sites that do allow Email Data sales, and they could be worth while checking out.

Even if you're not into marketing them, restoring your old photos will recondition them and have them sitting safely in your computer.

I have used a lot of my old photos to produce several Ebooks on, Camels, People, Places, Motor Vehicles and Aircraft in the Early Australian Outback  (this will open in a new window)

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