Wearing a Pressure Garment

Pressure garments My Pressure Garment, a 'Jobst' pressure suit was fitted, after careful measuring, from my knees to the top of my head, and including my left arm and hand.

The suit was in 5 pieces

  • Waist to both knees, to cover the Donor Sites of the thighs which would have been the equivalent of fairly deep Partial Thickness Burns.
  • Waist to upper neck, covering  left rib-cage, upper chest and neck.
  • Entire Head, with cutouts for ears, eyes, and mouth. I even had an Official Looking card that I carried in my wallet. It said something like this,

    'Mr.XX XXXXX is wearing this pressure garment, including a mask, for the after-treatment of serious burns.'

    Even though I had the card I was never game enough to wear it into the Bank, but I wore it most other times.

  • Left Arm, was originally part of the waist to upper neck pressure suit, but for ease of use we cut it off and used it as a separate garment. I wore this part with the glove for a long time after I stopped wearing the suit, and it certainly paid off, as the scars on the visible parts of the arm are nice and flat, and similar colour to the other arm.

    Incidently, that, and my hand, were the first parts to be grafted, so they got the part of the donor site skin that still had Melanin cells, and has been able to tan up. Subsequent grafts had to make do with split skin grafts where the melanin cells had already been cropped.
upper Armunder arm
The top and visible side of my arm showing successful skin-grafts and the under side showing the spiral scar contractures

  • Hand.This was a zippered glove, it, and continual  massage by the Hospital Physio and my teenage daughter has given me a hand which is pretty well fully functional, and not much difference in appearance to the other
    glovemy hand
This is about the time that the really serious ITCHING begins as the body sends out heaps of Histamine to aid the healing process. Anti-Histamine tablets help keep it under control,---a bit, also Aloe Vera liquid helped to moisturise the skin.

Wearing the pressure garment for the first time is difficult because of the discomfort, and the inabilty to scratch the healing wounds. But you soon learn to slide a pencil or ruler down inside the elastiscised suit to scratch the itchy spot.

After few days of continual wearing, it becomes a part of you, and when you remove it for bathing, you feel as if your body is falling apart, literally, and you can't wait to put it back on. I wore the entire suit for about a year, then continued with the glove and armpiece for another 6 months with the result that the scars on my arm and hand flattened out completely.

The colour of the scars faded after several years more, and now after 30 odd years they are scarcely noticeable.

I just wish my knees and hip were as good as my old 3rd degree burns scars.

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