Second Degree Burns

Partial Thickness Burns

    •  Second  Degree Burns penetrate into the dermal layer. The epidermis is destroyed and the dermis is damaged to varying degrees but the underlying subcutaneous issues remain undamaged.
    • The dermis is a fluid rich layer beneath the epidermis. Within the dermis lay our nerve endings, pores, hair follicles and cells responsible for the growth and regeneration of skin. Depending on the depth of involvement, all of these functions are at risk.

    • Without the intact epidermis, the skin tissues are no longer protected from UV light and, more importantly, bacteria. Partial and full thickness burns are at great risk for infection,  hence the use of Silver Sulfadiazine on these deeper burns. It was used on me 30 odd year ago and is still in use today.

    • Depending on the extent of dermal damage the patient may also loose the ability to sweat and, therefore, cool the body. This is the only lasting legacy that I have from my burns. The left arm cannot sweat, nor can my left ribcage, both of which are important to the body's cooling system.
      It would be a bit like a car with half the radiator blocked up with grass seeds and grasshoppers. it would run hot, as I do.

    • If nerve endings are destroyed the patient will lose feeling in the region. Hair may no longer grow within the damaged area and if growth cells are destroyed, the skin will lose its ability to regenerate and heal.

    • Patients with second degree burns are at danger for losing some of the mobility in the body region affected.

    • Partial thickness burns may be covered by the destroyed epidermal layer or open. If skin covers the burn it will be gray, wrinkled or blistered. Open burns will be red or white and appear moist

    • Deeper partial thickness burns will scar, and show as a slightly raised patch, and because the Melanin cells have been destroyed or damaged, that area will have no pigmentation, and be very susceptible to sunburn.

Partial Thickness Burns

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