serious 3rd degree burns do to meth lab explosion

by Gerald bachorowski

my name is Gerald Anthony Bachorowski im 17 i started making meth when i was 15 and i got really addicted afted my father passed away and i started to inject meth at 17 and became a junkie like 3 week's ago i was
cooking meth and i was up for 6 days and i added to much water into the mixture and it boiled all the way overflowed and caought fire and i was holding the meth lab it blew up in my face my hands needed skin grafting they all took so im wating for it to heal my face is healed im blessed beacuz im a good looking kid and nothing happed to my face i know my dad was my guardian angel it was a big wake up call now im 3 week's clean and hope to stay that way

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